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Home Care


Manager - Home Care

Bruno Rusciano

After my matu, I chose the university of nursing and I immediately liked this mission which led me to have contact and to bring my help to the people who needed it. I worked in a university hospital until I became a health executive. Subsequently, I left public service to create and run retirement homes and eventually, with the help of my wife, to create the home care organization “Le Soutien”.

My next steps will be the creation of several sponsored apartments with a new management system, as well as the creation of a nursing home.

Integrative Health


referent, consultant - Integrative Medicine

Jean-Luc Tuma

In the course of my professional activity in the wide field of health care, especially nursing, I have learned to heal the heart, body and mind. This alchemical approach to Human Being has given character, profile and emotions to my nursing practice but also humanity in my relationships. It was with modern western medicine that I started out. Very quickly, I had the immense privilege of being adopted by its more natural and complementary form. Along the way, in the field and in a management function, we have generally strengthened ourselves to develop and materialize a holistic mosaic of health.

With MedHol, we take another good step forward in nurturing our DNA: Integrative Health.
We want to achieve with our teams, with and for the patient, a successful and sustainable health and life journey.

Apartments Bex


Manager - Site Bex

Ciro Ruocco

I am a nurse with experience in emergencies, retirement homes, liberal profession and home care.
Passionate about cars, motorcycles and Italian food. I love challenges and above all I love my mission.

Care Products Team


Commercial Director - Care Products

Maxime Mandrin

I started my career in the health sector as a salesperson, in a personal assistance company through connected solutions.
Then, appointed sales manager in charge of development.

Finally, having been seduced by the vision of Mr. Rusciano’s work and his commitment to his patients, I decided to join him,
eager to help him develop Care Products.


Logistics Manager - Sales Analyst Ticino

Pietro Trevisan

Specialized in Business Administration Experience in sales and management I like so much sport, cinema and cooking.

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With experience in both services and personal care, demanding with our suppliers and partners, we want to share our expertise with our confreres.